PAXIS ARINTO BIB 3L Aprecie o Verão com algo delicioso

PAXIS ARINTO BIB 3L um típico vinho de verão, altamente apreciado

Noble Drops – Noble Boxes
As promised last Friday, today will mostly be about what you can get in boxes, - or BiBs as it’s called. I am not going to run a repeat of the Easter edition where I almost ‘drowned’ during the BiB-test. Luckily I have been gathering tests through several months, so I have plenty of results in my archive. Today’s test will mainly be about news and we have gone through white, rose and red.
First a little white, a Portuguese made from the Arinto grape. A grape with several names, - known to stand quite a lot of heat, which is plentiful in Portugal. Paxis is very reasonably prices, at only 330 kroner, which always make me a bit sceptical. There was no reason for that. I found what I was looking for, fresh citrus with little notes of tropical fruits among the tart apples. A typical summer wine and I can see quite a few monopoly shops have listed it already. More should do the same. Previously I have only tasted this wine in bottle, and the BiB is close up to the same quality, at least as a fresh product.
Dice: 6 of 6
In: Oppland Arbeiderblad – 22nd June 2012 – by Arne Næss