PAXIS ARINTO BIB 3L “Nasceu uma nova estrela.”

PAXIS ARINTO BIB 3L “Nasceu uma nova estrela.”

Star Boxes

A new star is born. Paxis Arinto is its name. And it is – surprisingly – from Portugal. Not exactly the country you expect super wines from. But, this is not super wine, it is Bag-in-Box wines, and you don’t find the super wines in boxes. Having said that, this one really is a star of a box wine. Made from 100% Arinto grapes. Now you are probably scratching your head wondering kind of grape that is, - well, it’s one of many special grapes in this country.
Paxis Arinto is produced in the Alenquer area, about 50 km north of Lisbon. The conditions for wine production are very good there.
The area is sheltered against cold northerly winds from the Montejunto mountain range, and it gets a mild breeze from the Atlantic Ocean which is only about 25 km to the west.
The proximity to the sea is essential for growing Arinto in this area. The wines get a particular acidic character with fresh citrus aromas. Arinto is also grown elsewhere in Portugal, like in Alentejo, but these wines are not of the same character. In the warmth of Alentejo the Arinto grape is often used to improve white wines with low acidity.
So, now you know. With regards to other wine boxes there is an ocean of mediocrities. I do not know of any white wine that is better in box rather than in bottle. The opposite is usually the case. It’s as if the use of extra sulphur and CO2 during filling takes away minerality in for example Chablis wines and make them more flat and dull.
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No. 78806 Paxis Arinto 2011 – 3-ltr bag-in-box, Quinta da Fonte Bela, Portugal. Kr. 329,10 / 83 points and 6 of 6 possible glasses.

Sensationally good box wine, lemon aromas, solid concentration, long taste. Ripe but fresh yellow aromas from plums. A very harmonious taste, but it still has its own desire and will. Some green herbs in the finish, actually. Minerals as well. Distinct wine. Ordering Assortment.

In: A-Magasinet / Aftenposten – 15th June 2012 – by Geir Salvesen